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Anne Rudeen

Anne Rudeen and rock'n roll go together. She has toured with the band Eight-Eyed Spy, attended the New Orleans jazz festival for 25 years straight, and cheered at concerts all over the United States. Currently she lives in chipmunk-ridden outpost next to a 1,000 acre wilderness called the Port of Missing Men.



About the Book: When Danny Dalton, heart-throb star of the late '70's rock band Wild Dalton, gets rock-star block, band manager Jam Archer thinks fast to save his career. She takes off with Danny on a cross-country run one jump ahead of Wild Dalton's fans, his record company and Jam's disapproving daughter Sarah. From Manhattan to the Midwest to Montana, Jam and Danny have rollicking adventures on the road and between the sheets.


"On the road with one hot mama. Rudeen channels countercultural icon Tom Robbins in this ribald tale of an AWOL rock star and his libidinous manager, traveling incognito and leaving a trail of scorched bedsheets across the groovily genial late- '70s American landscape. Jam Archer, an attractive, sexually voracious woman of a certain age, given to compulsive scheming and fits of off-the-cuff philosophizing, manages Danny "Wild" Dalton, a preternaturally gifted and beautiful young rock star. A sexy, funny, breathless ride." --Kirkus Discoveries



PageOneLit.com: Where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

Anne Rudeen: Great Bend, Kansas, belly-button of the U.S. You couldn't escape reading and writing, they taught both in school.

PageOneLit.com: Why do you write?

Anne Rudeen: To change the world, or at least, try.

PageOneLit.com: Briefly discuss your new book JAM ARCHER AND WILD DALTON - What was your initial motivation for writing this book?

Anne Rudeen: I wanted a book with a witty, fun-loving, imaginative, charismatic woman in it.

PageOneLit.com: JAM ARCHER AND WILD DALTON is a funny novel - What makes Anne Rudeen laugh?

Anne Rudeen: Life, mostly.


PageOneLit.com: Who is your favorite Rockstar and why?

Anne Rudeen:  Hmmmm.....I could say Sonny Landreth, but truly I love 'em all!


PageOneLit.com: If Hollywood called and asked you to cast JAM ARCHER AND WILD DALTON - Who would you cast and why?

Anne Rudeen: My book is the anti-THELMA AND LOUISE (just try to drive Jam Archer into the Grand Canyon!), so maybe as Jam, Susan Sarandon. For Danny Dalton, we'd need an Idol search.

PageOneLit.com: You are a veteran novel author, what did you learn from writing JAM ARCHER AND WILD DALTON?

Anne Rudeen: It cured my blues.

PageOneLit.com: What do you hope to achieve with JAM ARCHER AND WILD DALTON?

Anne Rudeen: Readership. Plagiarism is welcome, too.


PageOneLit.com: What's next?

Anne Rudeen: Timothy, the blocked novelist's story about Buddha meeting Noah after the Flood.
...... "How WAS it?"
........ "Wet."
Timothy finishes his book after realizing that Buddha and Noah are two CIA agents with code names.


PageOneLit.com: What was the last book you read?

Anne Rudeen: Huckleberry Finn, last night.


PageOneLit.com: Do you have any hobbies? What are they? How do they enhance your writing?

Anne Rudeen: Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Pretty enhancing.


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