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Dawn Greenfield Ireland


Dawn Greenfield Ireland has taught Screenwriting For Beginners in the private sector in Houston, TX since 1992. She sold her first screenplay in 1990 to an independent producer. On December 20, 1999, Dawn won the Women In Film & Television/Houston screenplay competition for her drama Standing Dead.
Her students have gone on to win local and regional competitions, enter film school, secure agents and have screenplays worth reading. One student optioned his first screenplay. Another student was invited to the 1999 Cannes Film Festival, all expenses paid by the Kodak Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. Ron Howard hosted that student's award-winning film.

Richard Walter, Screenwriting Chair of UCLA says, "Dawn Ireland knows screenwriting… and more." Need more praise? Just ask Judy Burns of UCR, or Dawn's instructors at UCLAs Professional Program in Screenwriting. She completed the first year in 2002 and will complete the advanced year in 2003.
Dawn is the former President of Foundation of Aspiring and Published Writers, and Writers Development Center. She is the past Vice President of Manuscriptors Guild, and a partner in WayCool Productions.

A professional writer since 1980, she worked for Compaq Computer Corporation for eight years as a technical writer. After she left Compaq in 1991, the same team called her back as an independent contractor. Compaq Computer/HP currently retains Dawn Ireland for a multitude of projects.
Many of her corporate video scripts are produced, with two being sold internationally by Safety Shorts International Productions.

Additionally, Dawn has had articles published in Texas Film and Video News, Uptown Express, The Slate (Houston Association of Film and Television), Writers Forum and a myriad of writing related newsletters. She wrote press releases for Nature Discovery Center, Manuscriptors Guild, Foundation of Aspiring and Published Writers, Writers Development Center, A.H. Seminars, and WayCool Productions.
To date, she has 13 completed screenplays, 1 long-play TV screenplay, 1 produced documentary for the City of Houston, 1 published book (The Puppy Baby Book), and three unpublished novels (in various stages of rewriting). Dawn is in the process of writing Screenwriting 101: The Missing Link, a companion to her screenwriting class.

Visit http://pages.prodigy.net/dawnireland for information about Dawn Greenfield Ireland.

Visit www.artistic-origins.com to see/buy The Puppy Baby Book.

The Puppy Baby Book is the first of four books. The Kitten Baby Book, My New Home (for older dogs and cats), and In Memory Of are in the works. Be sure to catch The Puppy Baby Book on cable TVs shopping channels fall of 2002.

Contact: Dawn Ireland
228-A3 Eastwood Rd., Suite 103
Wilmington, NC 28403




Pageonelit.com: Where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: Feeding Hills, Massachusetts is my home town... a tiny dot on the map, outside of Agawam. My folks had a poultry farm and my sisters and I learned at an early age that reading was one of the best forms of entertainment. I had a fertile imagination. Both of my parents were avid readers, as was my grandfather who lived with us when I was a young child. The first series I read was Bomba the Jungle Boy, then all of the Tarzan books, then John Carter of Mars... Edgar Rice Burroughs was a major influence in my life. Then I discovered HG Wells...


Pageonelit.com: Where did the idea for The Puppy Baby Book come from and how did you bring this book to publication?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: I cannot begin to tell you how many ideas I have had over the past few decades. I have files filled with ideas that I never acted upon. The way the puppy book came about was one fine afternoon in Houston, I was sitting at my dining room table meandering through my two sons' baby books, having one of those 'poor pitiful me' moments. A complete low moment, blubbering my heart out as I read passages in the baby books. My dog Shasta was on her dog bed in front of the wall of bookcases, sharing the moment as dogs do... twitching her ears, looking concerned, and just being there. I looked at Shasta on her dog bed as I was really wallowing in this funk mood, and I said to her, "Shasta, I wish I had a baby book for you too!"

When I say the light bulb went on... that is a mild statement. What a profound thought. I grabbed the baby books, ran into my home office and started typing away. I wanted to make sure I captured all of the moments people could possibly have with their puppies, as people do with their human babies. I went to book stores, department stores, and baby specialty stores and bought about a dozen different baby books. I wanted to see what they looked like, how they differed.

When I completed the first draft, a mere 14 pages of text, I didn't know what else to do. Luckily I found an advertisement for a publishing group that met once a month. I signed up, went to the meeting and met my print manager, who in turn introduced me to my artist. Kismet... when it is supposed to happen, it will all come together.
Let me back up a bit... I presented my incredible pages to a couple of agents. The consensus was... we don't know what to do with this.


Pageonelit.com: Who did the Illustrations for The Puppy Baby Book? Did you have any input to the design and content?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: One of the most talented artists Houston, TX has to boast... Gladys Ramirez, who has a day job with the Houston Chronicle as a design artist. Gladys has designed quite a few other book covers, and book layouts. We met and had lengthy discussions as to my idea of what I wanted. I handed off the words, she came up with the layout. She's a genius, isn't she? We work quite well together. She will present something and I will study it and either have her tweak it or I will accept it. Neither of us gets offended by the others input or comments. Our working relationship is something to be cherished. Gladys is my friend and we will do many projects together.


Pageonelit.com: What are some of the items in your personal Puppy Baby Book?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: I have the original papers from when I adopted Shasta, her Play Dog picture where I swear she was posing, and one of my favorites - a picture where her head is stuck in a bag of popcorn. I do have her first rabies tag.


Pageonelit.com: What has been your feedback from readers? What do they say to you about their interpretations of your book? What do they like about the book?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: Everyone who has seen the book has been amazed by it. Even non-dog people love it. I have had people call me from across the nation telling me how much they loved their book, that in the past they had been forced to use just a plain scrapbook for pictures and now they can fill in the blanks and let the feelings flow. That's what this book is all about... people who treat their dogs like their children, who participate in their dogs lives.


Pageonelit.com: Are you working on a follow up? Or something totally different?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: The Kitten Baby Book is in the works. We are about 85% finished with the artwork. I have some tweaking to do on content, then all I have to do is come up with the cash to get it printed. I AM Artistic Origins, the publisher. No publisher was interested in the book idea so I said to hell with it, and published it myself. The books are elegant. That is why the Puppy Baby Book was a finalist in the 2001 Independent Publisher Book Awards. There isn't anything else like it. The Kitten Baby Book will be just as incredible. The artwork is wonderful. The next book after the KBB is My New Home -- for older dogs and cats that were adopted off the street or from a shelter so you don't have the beginning information from their birth. The fourth book is for all pets... In Memory Of. Get the box of tissues ready. In addition to the Puppy Baby Book, I have published Memoirs of a Dog by CousCous Mackey. Don't tell anyone, but Barbara Mackey actually wrote it, but since it is the life and times of her dog CousCous Mackey, she made CousCous the author. It is a wonderful novel. If you liked Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians, you will love Memoirs of a Dog. I have read Memoirs about five times and I STILL CRY.


Pageonelit.com: What was the last book you read?

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: Since I read more than one at a time, I'll give you my recent list: The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil (I loved this book!); The Afterlife Experiments by Gary E. Schwartz (I loved this book too!); The Social Lives of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (What an incredible book!); and I'm going to begin on Merrick by Anne Rice (I'm sorry I'm so far behind on your books, Anne).


Pageonelit.com: Do you have any hobbies? What are they? How do they enhance your writing.

Dawn Greenfield Ireland: I am a writer. I read, write, watch movies, watch people, have conversations, think. I like to cook, walk with Shasta, sit on the deck and drink coffee in the early morning hours. When I am stuck in one of my stories, I'll pace or wash dishes by hand. There's something about that hot soapy water that loosens the words out of my brain and gets them onto the page. I just finished the first year of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. I have a total of 13 completed scripts -- dark comedy, romantic comedy, drama, science fiction. While some of them have won or placed in national competitions, I wanted to take my writing to a higher level. I will be doing the advanced year with UCLA as soon as I get settled into my new home next month (September, 2002).

Visit my website! Tell all of your dog lover friends about my book.




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